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Summer Systems Club | Cannonball

Summer Systems Club | Cannonball

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✨Cannonball Package valued at $262.85 for only $149.97! ✨

Own Your Summer, Don't Let It Own You!

What is the Summer Systems Club?

It’s your all-in-one summer survival toolkit! With our mix of live coaching with Jordan, weekly resources, printables, and a private community, we're here to help you set up the systems to reduce overwhelm and have your best summer ever!!

Join us all Summer! 

  • Monthly Live Group Coaching with Jordan: Participate in live, interactive coaching sessions with Jordan to crush your summer goals.
  • Productivity Boot Camp ($149 value): A comprehensive course designed to boost your productivity, teaching you strategies and techniques to get more done in less time.
  • Block Schedule™ (3mo.) Planner, Leopard Cover ($29.99 value): A three-month planner packed with Block Schedule magic, wrapped in a stylish leopard print cover.
  • Buildable Planner System Wallet/Cover, Floral Style ($29.97 value): A gorgeous floral wallet/cover that not only protects your planner but also allows for customization with add-ons.
  • Buildable Planner System To-Do Pagelet ($11.97 value): An add-on for the Buildable Planner System, this to-do pagelet helps transform your swirling thoughts into satisfying checked-off lists.
  • Buildable Planner System The Fitness Tracker Pagelet ($11.97 value): A fitness tracker add-on for the Buildable Planner System, designed to keep your health on track.
  • Productivity eBook ($14.97 value): A digital companion to ramp up your productivity with tips, techniques, and advice.
  • The Complete Guide to Party Planning eBook ($14.97 value): Plan events like a pro, from decor to timelines, making each party a hit.
  • Private Clubhouse Access: Access to our exclusive online community where you can share progress, seek advice, and connect with others on your journey.
  • Weekly Resources, Tips, Tricks, and Printables: Every week, receive new resources, insightful tips, and practical tricks to enhance your productivity and make the most of your summer.

It's not just about getting through the summer—it's about doing it with a community that cheers you on every step of the way!

Prefer just to test the waters? Try our Dip a Toe Essentials Package for a one-month commitment.

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