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Boot Camp Bundle

Boot Camp Bundle

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Save more when you purchase the Boot Camp Bundle! 

We get it. Life is tough.
But, we also know it can be easier and more enjoyable.
You can find the time to do what you want to do while still knocking out your to-do list. You can pay off that debt instead of slowly chipping away, payment by payment, and never getting ahead.
Our Boot Camps have helped hundreds of thousands of families just like yours find the time and money to do what really matters in life. Are you ready to join them?

Why Budget Boot Camp®?

This is not your typical budgeting program. We removed all the stress and fluff and replaced it with simplicity, effectiveness, and fun. This program is a compilation of all of Jordan's best tips, financial principles, and ideas in one place.  

Budget Boot Camp® shows you the secret sauce regarding budgeting, family finances, spending and saving money, debt, and MORE! Our online program holds your hand, step by step and inch by inch, through the exact steps needed to Whip Your Wallet Into Shape and accomplish ALL of your financial goals – on any income!  

Over the years Jordan has reshaped the lives of hundreds of thousands of "Freebs" and their families with her unabashed, viral, no-holds-barred budgeting and frugal living techniques that have been featured on everything from TLC, the Today Show, Good Morning America, Rachael Ray, Us News, and more. This program is not only easy to use, it's effective too!

Do you feel disorganized? Anxious? Stressed? Burnt out? Behind? Rushed? Unfulfilled? Imagine how good it would feel to say BUH BYE to that state of overwhelm - for good! - without giving up the things that mean the most to you? Lucky for you, Productivity Boot Camp can do just that.  

PBC is the first productivity program of its kind. This engaging, online video program will walk you through the process of unlocking the secrets to productivity in your own life, your own way, in just 6 weeks or less! But not in the sense of simply doing more, or adding more to your plate. Quite the opposite, actually. Productivity Boot Camp will target your pain points, break down how you are currently spending your time, organize it better, cut out unnecessary tasks, help you tackle necessary priorities more efficiently and effectively, and help you find MORE time in your schedule for fun, relaxation, and growth.  

It's high time you started going to bed fulfilled and content at the end of the night. All you need is a screen, and the desire to kick overwhelm out of your life, forever! Let's do life...BETTER.

These programs can work for anyone because it offers real-world scenarios tailored to you and YOUR life. And we are so confident it can help you that we even offer a 100% money-back guarantee. We put our money where our mouth is, so you have nothing to lose! 

Budget Boot Camp®®️ and Productivity Boot Camp are subscription products that automatically renew at $25 per program each year unless canceled. You can cancel anytime using your subscription portal, accessed through the login on or the link emailed after purchase. If you need assistance, you may contact us at Access is valid through the end of your payment period.

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