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Capable Planner | Digital Download (Teen version)

Capable Planner | Digital Download (Teen version)

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Available in all countries and territories! Download link expires after 14 days and may be downloaded up to 2 times during that period. All sales final. PDF digital downloads are not eligible for return. 

The Capable Teens Planner from Jordan Page, creator of the #RaisingCapableTeens movement, is finally here! This is not your average planner, calendar, or notebook. If you're tired of fighting with your teens about chores, screentime, or homework, you need this. It will help you work together to set goals, get organized, and enjoy more quality time as a family!

Have your teen use this planner daily, and before you know it, all the chaos in your home will turn to calm. You'll feel more confident as a parent, and your teens will feel more capable of taking the lead on SO many new things. They will:

  • Set up weekly blocks to organize their day and fit in time for all the most important things!
  • Use a daily checklist to stay motivated and keep track of chores, schoolwork, goals, and more.
  • Fill in a dream board and decide on short-term and long-term goals.
  • Track water intake, reading habits, savings goals, and SO much more.


  • 8" x 5.5"
  • 48 pages
  • Use for ages 12 - 18

**Stickers, bookmarks, and select features available in the physical version are NOT included**

This edition of the Capable Teen Planner Lite is for your personal, home use and not intended for distribution. Please do not share it with anyone outside your household.

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