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How To Rock At Budgeting Masterclass | Digital Replay

How To Rock At Budgeting Masterclass | Digital Replay

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Hey Haay!

Jordan Page, here! I am so excited to share with you our “How To Rock Your Budget” Masterclass Replay! I know that it can change your life! 

Families worldwide are rewriting their money stories and launching their debt-free journeys. (And I just can't wait to watch them soar!)

I have been teaching simple and realistic principles for real families to manage their finances, and it comes from personal experience. I used these very strategies to squash my $15,000 debt on a $31,000 income!

In this Masterclass replay, I'm going to show you how to:

  • Use the 70% rule to put a STOP to the dreaded dollar-by-dollar budgeting system
  • Work with your spouse to divide and conquer your budgeting as an aligned, efficient TEAM
  • Build a solid foundation for your family (and combat inflation!) by opening bank accounts strategically

Ready to feel financially STABLE (even if the economy is not)? Let's do this!

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