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Thriving Summer Masterclass | Digital Replay

Thriving Summer Masterclass | Digital Replay

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Summer break is here, ready or not! I used to embrace my “hot mess express”, but then I realized how much more satisfying life is when my family isn’t just surviving the days but THRIVING instead! The difference between surviving and thriving is absolutely within reach for you too, and I’m giving you a little shortcut with this masterclass full of my best summer schedule secrets! 

We’ll be covering: finding your summer routine, how to fight kids’ boredom while still having plenty of time for your own tasks, summer snacks, and meal ideas, budgeting for summer activities, keeping up with chores, and refereeing sibling arguments - all while keeping your sanity intact! 

Plus you’ll receive our favorite summer printables as a thank you for being here AND a special discount code on our Block Schedule™ and Capable Kids Planners! 

Are you ready to thrive?! 

What's included:

  • Tips to help you survive and thrive during the summer
  • Masterclass slides
  • Masterclass replay video
  • Exclusive discount code on Block Schedule™ Planners and Capable Planners
  • Free Summer Gift!


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