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The Page Company is on a mission to build stronger homes and families! We share content, products, tips, tricks, and encouragement to help people make positive, lasting changes. And to be honest, it's the world's best job! Under the leadership of our founder, Jordan Page (aka the Fun Cheap or Free Queen), our company skyrocketed from a small blog into a movement that's helped thousands of families pay off millions of dollars in debt! So, how did we get here? Well, that's a great question, and we're glad you asked!

There's no way to sugarcoat it. In 2010, Jordan and her husband Bubba were struggling financially. They barely had enough money to cover their bills, had racked up $10,000 of debt on just one credit card, and had $0 in their savings accounts. Zip. Nada. Zilch. Jordan was a new stay-at-home mom, and Bubba had just started a new business that wasn't bringing in much income. Let's just say things were stressful.

One day, after scraping by for months, Jordan and Bubba looked at each other and decided they'd had enough! They wanted a better life for their family. Instead of just barely surviving, they wanted to THRIVE. So they set big goals, worked their butts off, and sacrificed SO many good things with faith that it would lead to great things. And it paid off--literally! Within a year, Jordan and Bubba paid off $15,000 in debt while only making around $31,000, becoming debt-free (woot, woot!), and the rest, as they say, is history.


Jordan Page Founder of Fun Cheap or Free

While they were on the path to becoming debt-free, Jordan started FunCheapOrFree.comWhat began as a coupon and local deals blog soon turned into something bigger. Jordan got the sneaky suspicion that other moms and families were in the same position she'd been in, and she wanted to help! So, she shared her debt story, along with super practical tips that helped her family turn things around. It wasn't your average, boring finance blog. Just real talk and tried and true principles that any family could use to make life better. And people started coming in droves to learn more about Jordan's principles. Before long, FunCheapOrFree.com had built a community of loyal readers who we now lovingly call "Freebs."

As Jordan and Bubba's story began to reach more and more people, questions poured in by the thousands, and Jordan's mission shifted. She decided to turn her blogging "hobby" into a full-blown career and use her experiences to teach others how to budget, save money, get organized, and become debt-free. And soon, her humble blog became a go-to source of financial and productivity advice for the average person.


Jordan Page holding envelope budget system, from The Page Company

As the blog took off, Jordan started receiving invitations to appear on national TV. Dubbed the "Fun, Cheap, or Free Queen," she shared her advice on the Today show, Rachael Ray, TLC, and Good Morning America. Jordan also traveled the country delivering budget workshops to help families whip their wallets into shape. As demand for her in-person budget workshops grew, she secretly wanted to find a way to clone herself so she could do even more! Kidding. Kind of. Since we never did figure out how to clone Jordan, we did the next best thing and built a digital program instead. And thus, Budget Boot Camp was born!

Between her envelope budget system, Budget Planner, and tons of free budgeting content on the site, she has completely changed the way people look at their finances!


In 2020, we made a goal to help families across the globe pay off $1 million in debt with our million dollar debt challenge. And talk about blowing us out of the water! Not only did they crush that $1 million within the first month, but they ended up paying off over $102 million dollars in debt in 2020. By helping our Freebs stay conscious of and focus on debt with this challenge, we helped to strengthen families, improve marriages, and helped our #FreebsNation achieve financial freedom in record time. And yes, there was an online party when we crushed that goal!


Jordan Page writing in Productivity Planner, from The Page Company

As a busy mom and business owner, tons of Jordan's loyal Freebs started turning to her for productivity and parenting advice, too. Her famous block schedule is now used around the globe, and her Productivity Planner is a game-changer. Seeing the success of Budget Boot Camp, The Page Company decided to launch Productivity Boot Camp. Together, the boot camps have transformed tens of thousands of lives across the globe. And spoiler alert: we’re not finished yet! 


Jordan taking inventory of fridge, from The Page Company

ShelfCooking.com is bringing back family dinnertime and saving families TONS of time and money! It sounds like a dream, huh?! While we share tons of recipes there, it's so much more than a food blog. We teach readers how to use the food they already have in their pantry or freezer to waste less food and save a whole lot of money. Our Shelf Cooking Facebook Group has some amazing ideas!


Jordan Page holding Productivity Planner, from The Page Company

After going through tough financial times, Jordan Page got out of debt in record time. Now a popular blogger, YouTuber, and public speaker, she teaches others to do the same. Jordan proves you can live a millionaire lifestyle BECAUSE of a conservative budget. Her principles have changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people who turn to her for money management, organization, and productivity advice. Jordan has appeared on Rachael Ray, the Today Show, Inside Edition, TLC, US News, and more. She is the mother of 8 kids, a Utah transplant, and a kitchen dancing enthusiast.


See what Jordan and the Page Family are up to on a daily basis! Frugal hacks, budgeting tips, food ideas, cute babies, slobbery puppies, and more.


Bubba and Jordan Page working on laptops, from The Page Company

A serial entrepreneur and investor, Bubba Page is passionate about helping entrepreneurs succeed. In 2020, Bubba sold LaunchLeads.com, an Inc. 5000 company, and joined Jordan full-time in leading The Page Company. Bubba grew up in the San Francisco Bay area and currently lives in Salt Lake City. He loves mountain biking, volleyball, board sports, and any other outdoor activity he can find in his spare time. Above all else, Bubba is a proud dad who loves spending time with family.

  • Co-Founder of The Page Company
  • Founder of LaunchLeads.com, an Inc5000 (Acquired in 2020)
  • Founder of Outro.com (Failed VC-backed and Techstars Boulder software venture)
  • Past Inc.com Contributor: (inc.com/author/bubba-page/) topics: Entrepreneurship, Startups, Family & Dad stuff :)
  • Awards-Winning Technology Leader and Entrepreneur: INC 5000 AWARD (Launch Leads); Utah 100 for Launch Leads; Techstars Boulder Class of 2014 (QuotaDeck); Google Startup Weekend 1st Place 2014 (QuotaDeck)

Whether he's mountain-biking with friends, hiking with the family, or helping other entrepreneurs, easily keep up with Bubba!


Today, the Page family has eight kids (yup!), including a set of the world’s cutest twins and two lovable Bernese Mountain dogs, Rome and Rio. (Yeah, they're a little busy!) Jordan has started a #RaisingCapableKids movement and shared hundreds of free tips on her blog, from genius ways to manage chores to lunch hacks for kids, DIY activities, and so much more! 


While we consider our most significant mark of success the number of lives we change through our work, we're honored and humbled by these awards:

  • Fun Cheap or Free: 2021 Family Is Award for Best YouTube
  • The Page Company: Ranked 474 on the 2020 Inc 5000 List
  • The Page Company: Utah Business 2020 FAST 50 – Emerging Company Award
  • Fun Cheap or Free: Fast 50 Award 2019